Litigation Can Be Costly, Unpredictable And Disruptive


Peter A. Mankin, Mediator

Disputes in the business and real estate worlds can cause significant disruptions and delays in productivity. If these disputes escalate, they can result in time-consuming and costly litigation or arbitration.Peter Mankin offers an alternative to traditional legal solutions. Through mediation, this Pleasant Hill & Walnut Creek mediator facilitates more collaborative dispute resolution for California individuals, businesses and their lawyers.

Peter Mankin has practiced for 40 years as a civil litigator and for 25 years he has focused on mediation as a neutral. He observed the stress and time that is wasted on legal disagreements, and views mediation as an extremely effective alternative to litigation or arbitration. He offers services as a neutral mediator for a range of disputes, from real estate disputes to business dissolution to trusts and estates.

As a mediator, Mr. Mankin approaches each dispute with a strong commitment to successful resolution on behalf of all parties and their attorneys, working toward the most positive experience possible for everyone. He uses a flexible, creative approach, balancing facilitation and evaluation to resolve even the most contentious disputes.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process with the objective of reaching mutually acceptable resolutions to disputes. A neutral mediator assists in the process, who is able to view the situation objectively and help parties to explore and implement alternative settlement strategies and options. Other advantages of mediation include:

  • Greater flexibility and creativity for settlement options, compared to court or arbitration.
  • Parties are directly involved in negotiations and have control over the process and outcome.
  • The process is generally confidential, and information usually cannot be disclosed in future proceedings.
  • Money and time can be saved by scheduling mediation earlier in the dispute.
  • Emotional situations can be defused and professional or personal relationships preserved, if desired.

Dedicated To The Successful Resolution Of Disputes

As a mediator, it is Peter Mankin‘s job to explore the realities and practicalities of the situation and the desires of all parties. He will do so while treating all parties and their counsel with the respect, courtesy and empathy they deserve.

When the mediation becomes a negotiation, Mr. Mankin can use techniques that often effectively break through an impasse and get a dispute resolved. If an initial mediation session does not resolve the real estate or business dispute, Mr. Mankin remains patient and calm, but also persistent. Depending on the situation and individual needs, he will schedule follow-up sessions, either in person or via telephone conference, until all viable options have been explored. If resolution is not possible, he also can work with legal counsel on discovery or case management concerns.

You are encouraged to contact Mr. Mankin by phone or email for a free consultation regarding mediation, even if the other parties involved in the dispute have not yet agreed to mediate.

Peter A. Mankin